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Bittersweet Kisses (Crimson Quartet #1) Ella Dominguez

Bittersweet Kisses (Crimson Quartet #1)

Ella Dominguez

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When he kissed her, it was deliberate. When he kissed her, it was undeniable. When their lips pressed together, Mia could taste the salty sweet taste of blood and the bittersweet taste of wine...Mia had been seduced by a vampire, she just didnt know it yet. Nearly nine months pregnant, her precarious and awkward state was just what Ramsey was longing for - someone to own completely and someone to bear his half-breed child.Having been shunned from his clan for being too brazen and bringing unwanted attention to their kind, Ramsey and a handful of rogue vampires are determined to create their own breed. If he theorized correctly, all he needed was to turn a pregnant female just before delivery. He had found his prey in the sheltered and beautiful Mia, and he had her right where he wanted her. Now he just had to bide his time until the perfect moment. Or so he thought...But Mia was no fool. She may have craved Ramseys sadistic touch and had stars in her eyes, but her heart and soul would never belong to him. Having the father to her unborn child savagely ripped from her, Mias heart would always belong to her lost love. When she realizes too late what Ramseys plans are and what will become of her and her child, Mias strong protective instincts and new found strength give Ramsey a fight that leads to a battle of a lifetime.